Five Minutes: Full

Ok, the rule is to type for five minutes and post whatever vomits out of my fingertips. May God be with you all.


I've had a lot of celebrations for my birthday. Lots of lunches and dinners out and even more to come this weekend. I'm full.
I'm full of food to the degree that I ate toast for dinner last night (and maybe a little Chinese leftovers). I'm full of food that I can't barely think of where to go to eat during my continued celebrations because I feel like I've eaten everywhere I want to in the past week.
I'm full of gratitude. For the celebrations and that there are people that want to celebrate with me and be happy with me. I'm so thankful for the health that I have (despite all the aforementioned food that has been eaten), my home, even my cats as silly as that sounds even to me.
I'm full of surprise at how excited people are and that I'm remembered by people I wouldn't even expect to be remembered by.
I'm full of love. For the people that are here; that show up even when I'm cranky and push them away. I'm thankful for the people that push through and stick around despite all of my efforts to taunt them into leaving like I'm afraid they will eventually.
I'm full of plans, for my house, for my future after Washington Project, for my job. I'm even full of fuzzy gray thoughts on relationships that I've sworn off for good.
I'm so full. This girl couldn't be more grateful for all the fullness in her right now.

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