Spilled Milk

I don't remember how it started
But I was there
Sitting on the floor

A ring
Two glasses of milk
(no I don't know why either)

I called you
I asked you to come
I told you I couldn't move forward unless you came

So you came
With a chip on your shoulder
You came

I told you calmly while drinking milk (still don't know)
I couldn't do this
You were ambivalent to me
Ambivalence is my death
I deserve your passion

I handed the ring back
I told you to fight for me
I asked you to fight for me
I required you to fight for me

Because I deserved to be fought for
I deserved to be cherished
I deserved to be considered

The room was empty
But for you, me, a ring
Two glasses of milk, one full, one empty

You stood
Nudged the still full glass of milk with your shoe
Pushed it over
Walked away

I sat there, still
No ring
Crying over milk, spilled