Constant Vigilance

I'm heading into a kitchen remodel and while Pete is talented and gracious enough to do everything he refuses to do the drywall. I can't really blame him, dry wall, finishing it specifically, is the worst.
But that means I have to hire a dry wall contractor.
Needless to say I'm having quite a bit of anxiety about it.

I'm just not comfortable having random men wander in and out of my home without me there. I can't take the time off and yes Pete will be there but it all just leaves me feeling unsafe.

So I try to remain calm and explain as directly as possible my concerns to these contractors and they all act like I'm nuts. Then I try to explain it to some people at work and they also think I'm nuts. Then worse still both groups of people proceed to tell me the most terrifying stories of contractors that go through your things and hide in closets waiting for people to come home.

Not this girl.

All of this is just overwhelming and if it weren't for Pete and Dad reminding me what a waste it would be to put so much money into the kitchen without redoing the walls with the sagging seams I would just say screw it and decide to live with my kitchen as is for the rest of my life in this house.

The annoying thing is, that at one point today I actually stopped and wondered if maybe I was crazy. Like actually bat shit crazy insane. Because no one else seemed to be the slightest bit sympathetic about what I was concerned about.
I had to keep talking myself off the ledge and reminding myself that I have every right to advocate for my safety and not be belittled for it.

Now, if only we can convince others that.

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jake said...

I hope my comment on facebook the other day didn't cross the line. I was trying to add a little levity to the situation, and didn't consider that it might be condescending. Love you.