Good Things: June

June 1 Nice nap at the dogsitting house, like woke up feeling drugged I slept so hard

June 2 Good morning at church, lunch with friends, another nap and dinner with Pete

June 3 OMG, Revolution! Even though I hate him sometimes JJ Abrams is my good thing for today

June 4 Pete is a terrible helper of irrational anger. Amber is the best helper. Also, 11 hour days

June 5 Lunch with Stacey! It makes all the things better!

June 6 I didn't die of frustration at work. This is my only good thing today

June 7 Relatively drama free event and sleeping in my own bed for the 1st time this month

June 8 Amber, Stacey, Pete, Sharen and Matthew time!

June 9 New dogsitting gig, complete with setting off the alarm accidentally.

June 10 Playing in the yard with dogsitting dog. My cats don't fetch nearly enough.

June 11 I say it every month, but I love therapy

June 12 Dogsitting is a nice gig, the money is awesome. But I miss my house. Last night away from home for a bit!

June 13 Home! For at least a week!

June 14 Dinner and games with Amber, Darren, Stacey, Dorothy & Larry. Dainty lady hands

June 15 Swimming! Man of Steel! Porn Wong! Awkwardly Straight!

June 16 Root Beer Stand with Pete, Sharen and Matthew

June 17 Straight home from work for the first time in too long

June 18 Graeters after GNO

June 19 Being brave at small group

June 20 Giggly family night with Sharen and Pete


June 22 Pool time with Matthew

June 23 Even though it doesn't feel like a good thing the sermon today was everything I needed

June 24 Some quiet pool time after a long hard day

June 25 Pool time when it was still HOT and homemade dinner delivered to the pool area by the best roommate in the history of roommates. My love language is quality time and acts of service and friend is loving me well. No way to say it without it being awkward and making him have to move out because we can't look each other in the eyes anymore.

June 26 Lovely time with lovely ladies at small group tonight

June 27 Applebee's, nice conversation and family

June 28 Night in with Mario, Pete and wine

June 29 Dinner for Darren's birthday and Avenue Q with favorites

June 30 Good friends caring for each other in the morning and trying to convince Stacy to move in