Good Things: July

July 1st- Coastal Oregon! Saw the Goonies house and Haystack Rock. Also marveled at how amazingly beautiful Oregon is

July 2nd- Bought a new purse that's super cute and had the most delicious chicken parmesan for dinner at a local place in Portland

July 3rd- Played by the Sandy River (the main way ice and snow melts down off of Mt. Hood). Made funny videos with Katy about the inappropriate public displays of affection happening around us

July 4th- Saw DM at church, giggled ridiculously. Also, great sermon and the music was awesome. If I lived in Portland I would be all over that church.

July 5th- Home again, at least for 24 hours. My kitties snuggled with me all day until they saw me repacking ANOTHER suitcase.

July 6th- First day in my new job (same company) Free bagels for lunch and general merriment ensued.

July 7th- Dogsitting means never having to say you're sorry for not being productive around the house, because you're not at your house. Spent the evening watching movies and reading.

July 8th- Free lunch from Jersey Mike's at work!

July 9th- I really miss my own bed and my own house. Only 1 more sleep after tonight until I get to go home for at least 3 weeks straight

July 10th- The best thing about dog sitting is the excuse to sit around watching movies all day and not feeling guilty about not doing anything around your house because you can't do anything around the house.

July 11th- Back home at church for the first time in a few weeks. I really miss these guys (and Washington Project) when I'm gone. Also, sleeping in my bed for the first time in what feels like forever.

July 12th- You know what I love? That I woke up in my own bed this morning knowing I will also be sleeping in it tonight. Also, cuddly kitties that tried to hold me hostage by purring and asking for love this morning.

July 13th- Yummy dinner at my seesters and watching the finale of the Golden Girls. I teared up at Dorothy's good-bye monologue

July 14th- I sprayed a wasps nest in my bedroom window and lived to tell the tale

July 15th- I met Jacob Patrick Wombold! So adorable.

July 16th- Dinner and a movie with a co-worker. We saw Cyrus, it was amazingly dark and hilarious. I love me some John C Reilly and Jonah Hill. (It was the staring, the staring was so creepy!)

July 17th- Sharen came over and we cleaned out the bedrooms of my house. The 3rd bedroom has been cleaned and has a bed in it now! Amazing how much useless garbage was just collecting in there.

July 18th- Great message at church about sowing and reaping and lots of people telling me they wanted to sign up for Washington Project. Cleaning at Sharen's which included brownies and several episodes of Bethenny Getting Married

July 19th- Great Washington Project meeting with Ben. I told him about an outreach idea I saw at church in Portland and we're inching forward to see if it will work!

July 20th- I was brave today and said brave things to someone about scary things. Also, STEPHANIE JUDITH TANNER, no wait...Stephanie Elizabeth Harms, also known as Mint Julep, conspired with my sister to surprise me for dinner. She was in town helping her sister shop for a wedding dress and we all met at Chipotle followed by conversations filled with the strangest sentences ever at my house for an hour or so. "You just sat your butt hole on my hand" (That was Stephanie to Gertrude, lest you think something disgusting happened)

July 21st- Dinner with Alaina one last time before she moves to DC. It was a laugh riot and we read through a few Gay Street Urinals from High School.

July 22nd- Was told, "If you see a big black arm reaching around you it's just because I'm putting you in a sleeper hold, you'll wake up again eventually and not in jail" because I told my trainer, while waiting 45 minutes to cancel my training contract (!!) that I was going to effing kill someone. He said that and I laughed so hard I snorted.
See also, eating some freakin delicious new pasta dish at Sharen't house later that night.

July 23rd- Straight home from work for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Halle-freakin-lujah

July 24th- Suuuuper productive day thanks to the help of my seester and the house is really almost ready for another person to move into it, almost. Not so good, but hilarious enough to post? The fact that we saw a 50ish jogger stop running and squat behind a not so private tree and shit then wipe his ass with leaves. I STILL can't believe that happened.

July 25th- I had a super good day today. I love my church, great afternoon chatting and discussing the book of Ruth with Claire and then seeing Ben lead well in the evening. Unfortunately it ended with me mowing the grass in 90 degree weather at 830pm, but whatevs :)

July 26th- Awesome meeting with WP team as usual. Yummy dinner and I left with my heart full and my face hurting from smiling so much.

July 27th- I'm 31 today. Which means I'm officially in my 30s. Meh, I still feel 13. But silly giggly lunch at Five Guys with Dan and Katie, we were sort of meat drunk after we were done with our burgers...

July 28th- PETE MOVED IN! Finally! My friend Pete moved into my basement after over a year of trying to make it happen! First time I've had a roommate in.....4 years?

July 29th- Day off work to help Pete settle in. Sweaty day unloading a trailer and moving things around, ended with free dinner at Red Robin and a swim in a brisk hotel pool. Also, sending Pete into the basement to investigate scary noises is awesome.

July 30th- Ice Cream Sundaes at work!

July 31st-Got a new area rug for the living room from mom and dad for my birthday and just a general day of merriment and good food.

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