Everything I learned tonight.....

I learned from TV.
The bad thing about dog sitting is I can't do anything around my house. The nice thing about dog sitting is I can't do anything around my house. So I have a perfect excuse to just watch movies or TV. Color me tickled pink when I stumbled across a Top 100 Songs of the 90s countdown on VH1 tonight. I was flipping channels on commercials and started immediately gleaning all sorts of wisdom and information from the intellectually stimulating shows I was watching (E! News, VH1, D10 oh it was junktacular) Here are my observations and maybe a confession or two:
  • Gerardo of 90's Rico Suave fame is now a rapping pastor in Cali
  • If you had to pick two words to sum up the 90s it would not be Canadian Reggae
  • Confession: For my 13th birthday I had a Kris Kross party and required everyone wear their clothes backwards. Swimsuits were the exceptions.
  • Tv told me plaid is having a HUGE moment right now. Who is plaid?
  • I'm sorry, but I don't care who makes it a Romper will never look good on my figure. Stop encouraging bad fashion choices TV!
  • I loved 90s music, which apparently means I loved some bad bad music
  • I was really sad with Left Eye died. It reinforced my resolve to not go chasing waterfalls
  • I like Julia Roberts with Pretty Woman frizzy hair best
  • I miss videos on MTV
  • Justin Bieber stole his 'hair out of his eyes' head shake from Ed Kowalczyk "I Alone" video
  • In New Jersey calling someone "Fake and Bake" is an insult
  • I am disappointed that Lionel Richie allowed Yahoo! to use "Hello" in their recent ad. I used to sing that song with heart into a hairbrush and my mirror as a pre-teen
  • Brad Pitt was the hottest in Legend of the Fall and caused me to become obsessed with the name Tristan. I've gotten over that now, sort of.
  • "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins will forever be Dillon and Kelly cheating on Brenda on the beach in 90210 while Brenda was cheating on Dillon in Paris with Dean Cain. (I could win an original 90210 trivia game)
  • The way Ben Lee talks reminds me of the male Australian version of Claire
  • Fiona Apple was 18 when she wrote Shadowboxer. EIGHTEEN! She is my age. This freaks me out.
  • No no....what IF God was one of us?
  • Are YOU down with O.P.P? (Then I found out what it means and it was scandalous!)
  • I still hate Hootie and the Blowfish with the fire of a thousand suns
  • One of the dudes from Color Me Bad lives in Cincinnati. WHAT?!
  • I remember the exact moment I first heard the Spice Girls song Wannabe
I'm sure there's more, but good golly I had so many revelations on TV!

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Pete said...

Some people just stare at the tv and learn very little from it.

I'm so glad you are able to absorb all this information and use it for good and NOT evil. :)

I would also like to test your 90210 knowledge, but must first find a worthy competitor because it's totally not me. lol.