Some things you can't unsee

There are things you just can't unsee. Since you all (except Sharen, you were there) had the audacity to not be with me you have to hear about it because I had to see it.

***Note: Do NOT read this while eating***

I had a really productive day Saturday and a free coupon to Red Robin because of my birthday. After a lot of work around the house and a gazillion loads of laundry by Sharen we decided to head to Red Robin for dinner.
Hitch in the plan #1: The Streets of West Chester were out of power. Stupid Duke, I blame the rest of the story on you completely.
Hitch in the plan #2: I really really really wanted Red Robin so now I had to decide what else I wanted to do for dinner.

Driving down Union Centre I suggested Jimmy Johns and Sharen turned around and took the cut through by Urban Active.
On the way back to Jimmy Johns we passed a man about 50ish jogging. This is important to note.
When we pulled into the parking lot I started to falter on my dinner decision and we pulled into a parking space and chat.
Suddenly, something catches our eye and we see a grown man squatting beside a tree.
We wondered if he was puking
We wondered if he was (enter X rated activity here)
I said, "It almost looks like he's pooping.

Then, he reaches up and pulls a few leaves from the branch and WIPES HIS ASS.

Sharen and I were howling with laughter when we realized he was walking away from the tree a little funny....like there was still a turtle head poking out or something.
We howled again and then he turned and RAN back to the tree pulling his shorts down as he ran and there they were, two gleaming white moons jiggling in the humid air.

The jogger squatted, got the rest of his business taken care of and he stood up and ran on.
That is one dedicated runner.


Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted, but weirdly, it makes me want to go for a jog....

:) Steph

ellenjane said...

Maybe you just have to poop