You say I am Worthy

Bundled up, surrounded by lyrics and words on a page reminding me that I am worthy. Reminding me that the chill of a disregard so deep and wide I can't recall ever being able to see past it.

Typing into the night, reassuring myself that the words flicked carelessly from the tongues of women so unhappy are no longer true, if they ever were.

You say that I am worthy.
You say I am lovely.
You say I am a friend.
You called me out of death and let me try again.
You say I am beloved.
You say I am clean.
You show me all the beauty that you see in me.

I know that she’s a liar when I look into her eyes
But I believe in every word she says
She’s out to start a fire burning everything I have
I can’t put it out ’cause it’s all inside my head
And then you sing
I hear you sing

You call me lovely
You call me friend
You call me out of death and let me try again
You call me beloved
You call me clean
Then you show me all the beauty that you see in me

I still hear her whisper and sometimes I hear her shout
You’re not good enough and you will never be
But if I focus on your singing I can start to tune her out
’Cause you came with a love to set me free

I know that you love me enough to die
And I will try to see the value that you place on me
And you say I’m worthy
-All the Beauty (Kati's Story) JJ Heller

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