Bad Girl Bed

Most of the time I went to the house it was with my sister. But there were times I went over all by myself and stayed the night.
I would ask if I could sleep in the taller bed. The bed that was straight and didn't tip to the side. I was never allowed to, because that was the good girl bed.
They said bad girls slept in the bad girl bed.

There was a door beside the good girl bed. Behind it lurked a bad girl monster. If the bad girl slept in the good girl bed the monster would come out from the behind the door at night while she slept and carry her back behind the door. She would never see her mommy and daddy again.
So I would stay up late, watching David Letterman and eating cinnamon toast that tasted better than anything I've ever eaten, to avoid the bad girl bed for as long as possible. But eventually upstairs I would go.
To the crooked bed that tilted towards the wall. Accepting their word that I was a bad girl.

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Pete said...

I get so angry reading things like this knowing someone got away with treating such a wonderful person like you in such a manner.

I'm glad you continue to work your way through it to the other side because I don't know what my life would be like without you in it.