Flat like Micheal Jackson

Yesterday (which was Thursday the 12th) I had an inkling to get my hair cut. I'm trying to grow it long-long but needed to touch up my bangs and layers (gosh that makes me feel like such a girl to type!). So I call Sharen to see what's happening for family night. Turns out Matthew needed a haircut and my nieces were staying at their mom's house thanks to copious amounts of homework.
We head to Great Clips and get hair cuts. Here's the finished product:

After the haircut we head to Sharen's to have some dinner. Matthew had a mask picture from school that he wanted to finish coloring so I helped him with that. After coloring it in he decided it looked more like a rocket ship so we drew some flames on the bottom and made it a rocket ship. Matthew also decided that we should make Earth so the rocket would have someplace to launch off of.
But it was dinner time so that would have to wait.
During dinner we talked about all sorts of things and Matthew said this:

"When you die your heart stops beating and you get flat like Micheal Jackson. Then the next day you come back as a zombie"

I have no idea where he gets these things from. I also have no idea why kids only want to sit on you and hold your hand when it's time to eat:

When dinner was finally over we decided that since we were making Earth we should also make Saturn and all the other planets and Earths moon while we were at it. Saturn was really hard to cut out.

But Matthew did a bang up job cutting out Mars.

We weren't sure what color all the planets were so the whole time we were saying, "Mommy what color is Pluto, what color is Mars?" It all culminated in a lot of giggling when Matthew looked at the next planet on the list and said, "Mommy, what color if Uranus?" He wasn't sure what we were laughing at, but he decided to join in the giggling anyway.

When it came time to trace the Earths moon I asked Matthew how big he thought it was, he decided it should be as big as his head:

We were finally done! Time to go upstairs and hang the solar system, our rocket ship and the meteor Matther wanted to look like was destroying the rocket ship. (Which looked like a meatball with fire coming out of it's bottom). After much discussion and deliberation Matthew decided to hang the solar system up on his door.

Sharen and I were trying to get them hung in order of the actual solar system (thank you 5th grade science camp at Firelands College) but Matthew insisted the Earth be hung in a specific location out of the order of the planets. So I said, "Ok you can hang them wherever you want." A few minutes later I tried to persuade him to hang Saturn in a specific location and he put his hands on his little hips and said, "Aunt Bethany I can hang them where I want!" Well played young man, well played.

Here's the finished product with it's proud creator:

After convincing him that Michigan was not a planet and never could be ("Aunt Bethany I know Michigan is a state, but SOMETIMES it could be a planet too right?") He looked over his masterpiece and proclaimed:
"This will confuse and scare the monsters that come into my room at night. They will think I'm on the rocket going to Saturn....or Florida!"

It was a lot of fun and there were no tantrums and nary a whine the whole night!

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Pete said...

Just to clarify Michigan is a whole other planet, it's just disguised as a state. ;)