Good Things: February

February 1 Sitting in the silence at the dog sitting house after a long hard week

February 2 Shelby's birthday party

February 3 Super Bowling with Pete, Stacey and Amber (snickers internet peanut butter shoes)

February 4 They found King Richard the III!

February 5 Snuggling w/ kitties after a dog sitting gig
February 6 Unlocking mirror courses in Mario Kart stole any productivity to come in 2013

February 7Sometimes a girl just needs to stay home in pajama pants after a long long LONG 10 hour day (which will also help her avoid catching the flu)

February 8 1st night of this small group session at Fred and Claire's

February 9 Inappropriate card playing with some of my favorite women!

February 10 Lazy Sunday afternoon traditions with Stacey

February 11 Mirror Course Mario Karting and crazy dreams about stopping weddings
February 12 Telling people about my dream today was the best thing

February 13 Free lunch at work!

February  14 Funny pictures of Matthew in pajamas of his own choosing

February 15 Friday nights as they should be

February 16 Shelby's Special Day!

February 17 That time Ben quoted Boy George from stage at church and laughing until crying with Pete

February 18 I referenced burner cells 3 times today. I fear the feds are on to me

February 19 Pictures of Lord Voldermorts junk being sent to Amber and Pete

February 20 Imaging a t-rex making a bed

February 21 Helping Matthew with a summary of a book

February 22 Small group with awesome people!

February 23 Waking up early but not getting out of bed right away and a WHOLE DAY OF AMBER!

February 24 I love that Pete loves watching the Oscars snarkily with me

February 25 Let the interviewing begin!

February 26 Accidentally got transferred to a phone sex line by a freight company. Whoops!

February 27 Pete told me his friend (a woman) had a partial vasectomy. Sometimes the tweets, they write themselves.

February 28 100,000 miles on my car and it's still thriving!

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