Good Things: March

March 1 Straight home and into bed after work. So lovely

March 2 Pinterest party!

March 3 Smelling neighbors elbows at church and laughter with Stacey. Growth Tracks and laughter with Kate

March 4 Stopped some self shaming just as it was starting. Therapy for the win!

March 5 BIG SCARY THOUGHTS said to a therapist means I'll have an emotional few weeks (months?) But I'm clinging to the hope that someday this will be made right.

March 6 Snowy long day at work, happy to have people I really love to work with.

March 7 Downloading old school Mario 1 & 2 to the Wii = AWESOME

March 8 "If I put my mind to it I could totally be circus fat" and other 'it's been a long hard week' conversations at work.

March 9 Nice Saturday overall. Clean house, clean sheets and BOURBON

March 10 The band at church was AMAZING today. More so than usual. Oz with Pete and Stacey and so warm out the doors and windows got to be opened. Gifts from Stacey. It was a banner day folks.

March 11 Seeing fruit of the therapy conversations and working through forgiveness.

March 12 AS: "She said, I like you like you. I find you attractive." Me: OH MY GOSH! That is 8 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag. Thankful for craziness that is outside my department at work for once.

March 13 Lovely thoughtful gift from the nicest of the favorites.

March 14 Family night means telling stories on each other

March 15 AWESOME worship concert at church

March 16 I love my friends. I love caring for my friends because they have so often cared for me without even realizing it.

March 17 Gorging on HGTV at the dog sitting house

March 18 Unexpected free time means more time for Mario Kart and Dr Mario!

March 19 GNO, my face hurt from laughing. Two words - Retractable Awning

March 20 Wine after work

March 21 Wadded up sheep with natures dye

March 22 Mental Health Day! No work, lots of hair twirling

March 23 Kristen's Special Day!

March 24 Lunch with Michelle

March 25 Cookies for dinner, because sometimes you just have to

March 26 "Karma, it's like the rhythm. It's gonna get ya" I really like living with Pete

March 27 Last day of training and a good cry watching Beaches

March 28 Gas for $3.29!

March 29 Another day off work! Heading up north to see Mom and Dad

March 30 Silver Linings Playbook and nice talks with Nicole

March 31 Happy Birthday, Mom!

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