Good Things: January

Jan 1 New Years opened on a boat on Sydney Harbor. Slept in then a few hours on an awesome Australian beach

Jan 2 Beautiful day in Australian Blue Mountains

Jan 3 Petting koalas and kangas!

Jan 4 I have developed a disturbing enjoyment of shopping. Also, Australian haircut

Jan 5 Hotel room by ourselves. Ahhh sweet alone and quiet time

Jan 6 Dolphins! Riding in boom nets! Sliding down a slide into the ocean!

January 7 Climbed Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was AMAZING

January 8 Heading home, almost 3 weeks away and realizing how much I love my life and friends. You guys are the best!

January 9 Pete, Amber and Darren painted the 3rd bedroom while I was gone! They're my favorites!

January 10 Sometimes a quick 30 minute nap makes a world of difference

January 11 Mario Kart marathon

January 12 Les Mis! Dewey's and gaming with Pete, Amber & Darren! Best Saturday ever!

January 13 So good to be back home at Four Corners Church!

January 14 Back in the groove at work and an amazing nights sleep

January 15 Girlfriends Night Out: Now with 100% more Pete!

January 16 Moved more furniture into the 3rd bedroom!

January 17 Fun family night

January 18 Shenanegians in Michaels with Pete and Stacey and friendship bracelet buddies

January 19 The house is clean! Steamed floors and rearranged furniture! Dinner with the Wombolds! So many many good things today

January 20 Breakfast burrito assembly line, keeping the kitchen clean and Mario Karting

January 21 Breakfast burrito for breakfast again at last!

January 22 I missed you therapy

January 23 Tooth pain that doesn't end in a root canal? Don't mind if I do!

January 24 Kate in a giant ziploc bag igloo and other Growth Tracks awesomeness

January 25 Friday wine mario karting for the most awesome

January 26 Happy 18th Kirsten!

January 27 Christopher got his book on Amazon! Hanging curtains and picture frames!

January 28 Such a delicious dinner thanks to Michelle

January 29 Downton Abbey season 3 has begun!

January 30 Finished season 3 of Downton Abbey. Although I'm not sure that's a good thing...:shakesfist:

January 31 Happy 15th Shelby!

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