Good Things: November

November1 Cable at the dogsitting house!

November2 Hijinks in Walmart with Stacy and Pete

November3 Reckner Halloween Party

November4 Sleeping in my own bed again

November5 Sleeping in my own bed is the best good thing

November6 Telling the story of how I thought I was deaf but was just turning the radio down

November7 New music is my favorite

November8 Family Night

November9 Happy Birthday, Katy!

November10 Small Group at the Robertsons

November11 Say Yes to the Dress with Stacy is awesome fun

November12 Fuzzy day, sick

November13 Fuzzy fuzzy sick brain

November14 Sick, giving myself permission to bail on plans and go home to do nothing

November15 Went to bed at 8pm and loved every minute of it

November16 Happy Birthday, Nicole!

November17 Amber and I in public are awesome

November18 Relaxing at home, hoping to kick this cold

November19 I love the movie Stranger than Fiction

November20 Had to skip GNO, but grateful for Mylina stepping in and leading so I could rest

November21 Game planning with Mom for Black Friday shopping

November22 Thanksgiving! Good food and good times with family

November23 Fun shopping with Mom, Sharen and Nicole on Black Friday

November24 Fun shopping with Dad and Sharen

November25 Shopping and a movie with Pete. We're ridiculous when we're together

November26 Bonus Day off! 2nd Thanksgiving!

November27 Free lunch at work I forgot about

November28 Leftover 2nd Thanksgiving

November29 Making up songs and teasing Kirsten at family night

November30 Simpkins Going Away Party, I'm going to miss that lady

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