Good Things: October

October 1 My promotion was announced at work

October 2 It's Customer Service Week!

October 3 PJ's all day at work

October 4 Free food and more PJ's at work

October 5 More free food and awesome Customer Service t-shirts

October 6 Matthew's Special Day!

October 7 Recovering from Matthew's special day, cleaning the house

October 8 Started the transition off the phone to my new position

October 9  Fun fact learned today: The German word kummerspeck means excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon.

October 10 Shopping for liquor and getting paid for it during work

October 11 Early bedtime

October 12 Hanging out with Amber, Darren and Pete is my favorite

October 13 New hair! Lunch with Claire! Unexpected small group that was awesomely hilarious!

October 14 Great message at church on the Sabbath, dinner with Alexis. Reminders that generational sin while not out fault is pervasive. Old friends that have traveled through a lot of life with you are the best.

October 15 Productive night at home

October 16 Pete's home early!

October 17 Kate Morton's new book is out!

October 18 Good conversation with Shelby

October 19 Happy Birthday, Amber!

October 20 Thankful for friends who outright tell me I'm valuable and consistently redeem friendship as worth it

October 21 Cable at the dog sitting house!

October 22 Productive day at work today

October 23 Thankful for therapy today

October 24 Sleeping in my own bed

October 25 Last visit to The Dip of the season

October 26 Geek Games

October 27 Drinking and Mario Kart

October 28 Naps are the best

October 29 Watching ER before bed

October 30 Mario Kart is still such a good good thing

October 31 Kids in cute Halloween costumes

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