Good Things: December

December 1 Chocolate Day with Amber, super productive and BtLoG. So many good things today!

December 2 Beauty and the Beast from the 80s is on Netflix!

December 3 Leaving the office was today's good thing

December 4 Dinner with Alexis, laughing at my open mouth gawping

December 5 Mario Kart; I will miss you when I'm in Australia

December 6 Packing for a weekend trip, using my new backpack!

December 7 Heading to Tennessee and a work Christmas party

December 8 Moonshine and free whiskey samples

December 9 Talking in a Southern Accent with Pete is always a good time. We are also opening an advice shop in an old Rallys, but we are only giving out 1 piece of advice.

December 10 Driving home, so rainy. But I was showing off my killer rap skillz in the car

December 11 Therapy is my favorite

December 12 T-Minus 1 week until I am off work for 3 weeks and 1 day!

December 13 Happy Getting into Lee University, Kirsten!

December 14 Last Geek Games of the session.

December 15 Starting to pack!

December 16 MY first service in the new church building. Gosh I love my church


December 18 Girlfriends Night Out!

December 19 Done with work as of 1pm until 1/10. Watching The Hobbit with Claire

December 20 Day off work, baking and doing last minute prep for AUSTRALIA!

December 21 Feel like I overpacked and my suitcases are still underweight is AWESOME

December 22 Linn Family Christmas Eve!

December 23 Linn Family Christmas!

December 24 Campus Polleyeyes

December 25 Leaving on a jet plane for Australia! Squeezed a compliment out of Dad for handling our travel issues so well

December 26 Got into the Sky Club with Delta. Open top shelf bar before 11am after 24 hours of travel craziness? Yes please!

December 27 Business class is my favorite

December 28 Arrived in Australia! Bondi Beach!

December 29 Sydney Aquarium! Walking around Darling Harbor. Swiss Ice Cream!

December 30 More Sydney Shopping. The Rocks! Circular Quay!

December 31 NYE Cruise. Fireworks ok the harbor, drinks and talking to strangers. Dancing on a boat and "I can't believe I didn't see the fireworks!" chick on the bus

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