Ten Things: Weekend in Review

I feel like I had a jam packed weekend. Here are 10 things that happened
  1. Met with the ladies that are transitioning into leading WP without me. Dreaming and giggling with some matter of fact leading sometimes sucks and is hard conversations
  2. Returned the 1st pool because of missing pump (A: I almost wrote pimp which would have changed the entire context of that statement B: I bought a 2nd one the same day as the 1st and was just returning the 1st because it was useless). Had to explain to a flabbergasted customer at Big Lots that people without kids also like to swim. She just didn't get it
  3. Bought 13 gift cards (for WP) to The Rave to give to some McDonald's employees by our church's old building. Used them to thank them for everything they do and invite them to The Rave where we currently meet. Broke The Rave's printers and almost punched a lady in the face who had no personal space common sense. But restrained because I find when buying gift cards to tell people that Jesus loves them you shouldn't also physically assault someone.
  4. Spent 4 hours in the pool Saturday and have the sun burn to prove it.
  5. Discovered that if you can get children to walk slowly in a circle around the inside/outer edge of the pool this will create a "whirlpool" effect that is quite pleasant when floating on a raft.
  6. Painted the rest of my room, which took a ridiculous amount of time.
  7. Ran out of paint and was super thankful that Home Depot was open until 10pm now
  8. Spent 3 hours in the pool giggling and talking with Amber. We both fell off our rafts a ridiculous amount of times. Am now pink on both my front and back which makes everything quite painful.
  9. Convinced Pete to use the moving men discs to move my dressers back into my room. He doesn't recall stubbornly refusing to use them when we moved the furniture out, but it doesn't matter because I do which means I can mock him for it.
  10. Dusted, oiled and re-organized my dressers and changed my sheets. Put my drapes back up and plugged my TV back in. It's a real grown up bedroom again ladies and germs and I slept soundly (and fell asleep promptly) for the first time in a week. I also went to bed at 9. It. Was. Glorious.

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