Good Things: May

May 1 Fun morning with WP and a lovely afternoon of Netflix and Hulu on the sofa

May 2 Made a HUGE life changing decision. Scary, needed, and well received by lovely friends.

May 3 Lovely girl time with Bobbie talking over pedicures. Love her so much.

May 4 Put the ball in motion for a monthly Girlfriends Night Out after talking to some lovely women who all feel the same disconnect I've been feeling

May 5 Family night, where Matthew gave me the finger guns and wink

May 6 I wore a dress and heels and felt pretty

May 7 Nicole Graduated! For hopefully the last time!

May 8 Day 3 of the dress weekend. Church and lunch with Mom and Dad

May 9 Dogsitting, started a book on the Gospel of Ruth I've been wanting to get to for awhile

May 10 Night at home, no plans and yummy pork chops on the grill thanks to Pete!

May 11 Spontaneous dinner and ice cream at The Dip with roomie, Sharen and Matthew. Matthew ran up to me afterwards and gave me a big hug and whispered "I have a nice time at dinner with you, Aunt Bethany"

May 12 Happy Birthday, Sharen! Red Robin and ice cream cake

May 13 Looooong day but headed north again for Nicole's graduation party

May 14 Full day of prepping for, hanging out/working at and cleaning up from Nicole's graduation party. But so fun to celebrate all her hard work with her!

May 15 Became slightly manic when thinking about everything there is to do in the coming week. Bathroom demo starting and lots to do on top of that.

May 16 Full day, but I survived in mostly a good mood

May 17 First Girlfriends Night Out with Sharen and some other ladies from church. God's been putting the intentional development of adult female relationships on my heart a lot lately and this was a big first step

May 18 Lunch with a friend where when answering the "what's new with you" question I realized that every aspect of my life is under construction/renovation right now. It's interesting to see the changes happening and wonder where God's taking it all

May 19 Got to knock down some dry wall while pretending some customers faces were on it, it felt nice

May 20 Lots of laughing at Geek Games followed by a late night run to Waffle House

May 21 Our Harry Potter Rapture party went of without any of us going to heaven or being left behind. Also, butter beer and strong martini's by Pete

May 22 Finished up the bathroom demo and watched the random May hail storm

May 23 Let the master bath remodel begin!

May 24 Costco-ing after work

May 25 Had some kind things said to me by someone I really admire. And I didn't even interrupt and try to tell him all the ways he was wrong!

May 26 Bought some Klondike bars, ate one. That was pretty awesome

May 27 Straight home from work! Which was good because there is A LOT of cleaning and laundry to do.

May 28 Special day with Shelby means dresses and massages

May 29 Cookout with some fun people

May 30 Hard conversations, but totally worth it.

May 31 I have to be honest, after not posting for a month I was a little relieved to know I was going to start sharing again tomorrow, which is today, which is June 1st, which is...well you get it.

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