Dem Bones

We had beef ribs on Saturday night. Since they were beef bones we decided to give them to the dogs, Tundra and Faith.

I walked out the door with a plate of bones and they were right up on me begging for them. So I pulled one off the plate for each of them. Tundra took his and as I handed Faith hers he stared hard at it. I could almost see his doggie brain working.
I turned towards their bowls to put the rest of the bones in them while Faith took her bone into the grass and settled down for a nice evening of cleaning and chewing it up. Tundra however immediately dropped the bone I gave him and trotted over to the bowls just sure I was going to put something better in there.
I dropped the bones in and he sniffed and picked one up. He trotted over to his other bone and as I walked back inside I saw that he would chew on one for a minute then see the other one and drop the 1st one to chew on the 2nd one.
Back and forth he went and even went to the bowl for a 3rd bone, surely that one would be the best of them all.

I went inside to tell this funny little story and realized what an analogy to humans it is. How there are some of us that can be content with what we have and others that are constantly striving for what we think is better. Sometimes it is, but sometimes we just flit back and forth between several things and never really allow ourselves to settle in enough to enjoy what's right in front of us.

I don't know where the balance is, but I'm sure trying to figure it out.

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must... not... take... bone... analogy... too... far... on... public... website...