God loves you and your Big Mac

I was listening to the radio this morning. A local morning show takes a random question each day and answers it themselves as well as taking calls from listeners who answer the question.
The question today was, "What is an act of kindness you have done that no one knows about?"

Lots of people called in and told stories about things they have done and several about receiving random acts of kindness from others.
The one lady said she was in line at McDonald's and it was taking forever. When she finally got up to the window the worker said the lady in front of her paid and wanted to tell her that God loves her.

The female on the show immediately said, "Oh yeah, she probably saw you getting annoyed with the wait and was sticking it to you with "God LOOOOOOVES you" right?"

The answer was no but all the same it made me really sad that there are so many people out there that think the only reason someone would do something nice and wrap it in God loves you is to spite and "stick it to" you.

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