Prompted Posts: Sunshine

Sometimes I just don't know what to write about, or I know what to write about I just don't know how to write about it because it feels to big and to raw.
So This Blog Post Has Been Brought To You By: Pete. Like Five Minute Fridays but ten minutes on a writing prompt of choice. I was going to have all the prompts be by Pete, but I'm sorry to say that Pete's prompt was Sunshine. This might be his first and last spotlight as a prompter.

Ok, GO

I don't know about you guys, but I get the winter blahs a lot. Couple that with my recent therapeutic foray and diagnosis and I have a very hard time getting motivated to do anything or even get out of bed.
Plus, that darn therapist keeps forcing me to "talk it through" and "work it out" and I feel pretty mired in darkness.

Now that it's April and the sun is shining on a regular basis I can feel a little better more often.
It's hard to remember in the midst of the winter, in the midst of the darkness that there will ever be light again.(insert dramatic back of the hand to the forehead gesture :here: )

I'm heading into a house remodel. This means hours wandering around home improvement places and sobbing into the buckets of spackle on aisle nine. A few days ago Pete and I were running around Ikea and working on cabinet and counter top estimates (my life is One Life to Live sexy. Please don't murder me and steal the awesomeness that is "the things I get excited about now"). We got turned around in the showroom and I sighed and turned to Pete saying, "We've reached the point in Ikea where we're to far in to turn back and yet I feel like we're never going to reach the checkout lane."

That's how I feel about sunshine sometimes. During the winter or in the midst of a deep period of darkness I feel so far in I can't see the light from where I came and I feel like I'm never going to get through it.
I think about this quite often, like tonight for example, and think to myself...self, REMEMBER this. Remember that there is sunshine and light and you just have to hang on long enough to get back to it.

But I never do. I always forget.
Maybe I should write it on a post it or paint it onto the new walls I'm putting up in the master bath.


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jake said...

Neat idea, well executed. I heart when you write posts straight out of my head.