Five Minutes: Harry Potter

Ok, the rule is to type for five minutes and post whatever vomits out of my fingertips. May God be with you all.
Part one of the 7th Harry Potter movie comes out in 7 days. I have already pre-ordered it.
Last week I went to Barnes & Noble with mom to look at Nook accessories for her new Nook and we wandered into the section with Harry Potter books.
I sighed.
She asked what.
I said, "I wish I could go back to before I ever read Harry Potter or knew anything about the books at all just so I could experience them again for the first time."
Then...not even kidding....I teared up.
I am nerdalicious.
I watched the most recent movie 3 times in the theater (and would have gone a 4th if it hadn't disappeared from the dollar theater before I could make it back). I plan to just look the movie on my tv for the next few months while I breathlessly anticipate the release of the 2nd part of the final movie.
I'm a little choked up just thinking about it now.
Last week the family also went to Great Wolf Lodge as part of a staycation. There is something called MagiQuest that involves a wand and unlocking clues throughout the lodge. I was ---><--- this close to buying a wand and talking Matthew into doing it with me because I wanted the wand.

I mean, in my 31 year old head I realize it's just  wand and a stick of some sort, but I NEEDED it.
I didn't end up buying it, I'm saving up for my trip to Universal Studios so I can have Olivander help me pick out my wand.

What? I said I was nerdalicious didn't I?

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