I'm either very paranoid, or right

I've had some friends staying with me for the last week or so and I also had my parents in town last weekend. One of the first nights we were all in the house at the same time my mom got to talking with one of my friends about family and jobs.
My moms brother worked for the government and she was talking about how he would disappear for a few weeks then resurface saying only that he'd been working or in Washington. The friend is working on a masters program that is intertwined with the government so she was asking different questions and ultimately asked, "Does your brother still work for them?"
My mom, lost in thought and not really paying attention at that point said "yes"

Uhhh, my uncle has been dead for almost 30 years.

So I remind my mom of this and she said, "Oh, I didn't hear the question."

Funny anecdote of my mom missing her brother? Probably.
But here's what happened in my head.

For a few seconds (minutes, ok, maybe days) after mom said yes I started to wonder if that wasn't the truth. If my uncle had merely faked his death and went into a deep cover mission that has lasted this long. The other option is that he faked his death for a deep cover mission and then was killed, but they (whoever they is) didn't tell us because he was already dead in our heads.

Now, maybe it's because I watch a lot of Alias but I also wonder where on earth these ideas come from. I mean, does that stuff even happen. I also felt hurt that I was excluded from this information (that isn't even TRUE, allegedly) and that everyone else knew but me.

Some days I feel crazier than I do on most days. But I thought I'd make note of this thought process just in case it is actually true.

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