10 Things: Dogsitting Edition

I started a 12 day dogsitting gig today. It was supposed to be 13 days but they were flying through Tokyo and there were apparently some water issues happening that delayed their flight.
It was a JAM PACKED first day of dogsitting. Here are 10 things that happened since 1pm today:
  1. I came into the dogsitting house and realized that I didn't pack any pajama pants. I had to get groceries at Walmart anyway and this girl just can't turn down buying more cozy pj's
  2. One of the dogs is a Shetland named Sophie, she likes to herd anything and everything. She kept trying to herd me around the house. It was awkward.
  3. The owners ordered Girl Scout cookies and the Girl Scout came today to deliver the cookies and collect. When I opened the door Cooper, one of the dogs, ran out into the street, I ran after him in my new cozy pj's. There were a lot of neighbors around. Hellllllloooooo new neighborhood
  4. The third dog Toby refuses to be in the same room as me. Whenever I enter a room he is in he gives me an indicting look and walks out. I have no idea how I'm going to get him into the kitchen to lock him and the others up for the day when I'm at work
  5. I was letting Sophie and Cooper out into the backyard and Cooper apparently heard something and went bolting with 150% puppy energy out the door. He knocked Sophie over in the doorway and she fell down (just one step) and was stuck like a turtle on her back. She just flailed around yelping. When she finally right herself she ran to me and wouldn't leave me alone until I patted her down thoroughly to make sure she was ok...then she went and nipped Cooper on the hindquarters.
  6. I took me approximately 30 gazillion hours to figure out how to work their TV. It's connected to surround sound and a million AV thingamajigs
  7. Once I figured out the TV I collapsed on their super deep and cozy sectional and took the deepest nap. I am in love with this sofa, I want to marry it
  8. When I first got here Cooper followed me around and kept trying to hold my hand lightly in his mouth. It made me miss Amy (my dog growing up) who would do the same thing.
  9. Sophie has been glued to my side most of the day. She's so cuddly and sweet. The only exception to this is her noxious gas emissions. Take it to the other room!
  10. But the craziest thing that happened today is this: The cat Snickers is allowed outside. He went out most of the afternoon. I was walking past the kitchen window and saw Snickers skulking through the flowerbed. As I walked back past the window from the fridge I saw the cat with A DEAD ROBIN RED BREAST IN HIS MOUTH. OHMYGOSH But it was fine because the cat was outside and the dead bird was not inside. However, several minutes later Sophie and Cooper were at the door wanting in. I opened the door cautiously to make sure Snickers didn't get in and damn if that cat didn't zip zip right in with that DEAD BIRD. I quick blocked off the kitchen area so he couldn't get the bird into other parts of the house and set about trying to get the cat and dead bird out from behind the sofa. The dogs were onto the fun and were barking and chasing the cat who was growling with his teeth clenched around that bird. The cat finally dropped its prize and ran out of the room. I scooted the dogs back outside and went to find the dead bird, eyes wide open, in the corner of the room. I grabbed some plastic bags to pick up the bird and tried to figure out who on earth was screaming at the top of her lungs, because it was distracting. (Then I realized it was me and I just couldn't stop). I kept leaning towards the carcass to pick it up but kept screaming and jumping back. I just couldn't control myself! Finally I went and got bbq tongs from the kitchen and picked it up with those, and even then I was screaming at the top of my lungs. After I got the carcass in the bag I had to pick up all the feathers that were shaken loose. So traumatizing. 
I'm hoping the animals have gotten it all out of their system and the rest of this gig will be relaxing and simple.
Also, I am being haunted by those wide open dead bird eyes.

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