Good Things: January 11

January 1- Happy New Year! Big breakfast at home then lots of Wii and chilling out. Thanks to the magical vodka from the night before not the teensiest hangover either!

January 2- Rearranging living room furniture is my love language

January3- Worked out with roomie before work and lived to tell the tale

January 4- Quick and efficient WP meeting followed by fun at dinner with the adults

January 5- Kickboxing with the seester

January 6- Finished a good book, unfortunately there was a home invasion and triple homicide so I was awake really late jumping at every little sound.

January 7- Woke up and got a good workout in despite my aforementioned late night of paranoia.

January 8- Slept in until 1130am and still had a productive day

January 9- Fun morning at Washington Project and brunch with the famdamily after

January 10- Taco night with a side of mango margaritas and Alias!

January 11- I spent all day thinking and acting as if it was Wednesday, which was hilarious sometimes

January 12- Kickboxing, finished a good book and hot dinner made by roomie shortly after I got home.

January 13- Family night at Sharen's, played some Wii of course

January 14- Alias and Martini's with roomie, which means a lot of giggling (We're playing a GAME?!)

January 15- Pretty much just stayed on the sofa playing Wii and watching The Tudors all day.

January 16- Pretty much repeated yesterday, except I did go to church in the morning and do a touch of laundry

January 17- Made it through a report at work that I previously hadn't made it through in one day since the beginning of the year. It's nerdy, but it's my good thing

January 18- Nap after work

January 19- Kickboxing with seester, I made it through without rolling off the ball and grunting when I hit the floor.

January 20- Stressful day at work was helped by watching pretty fluffy snow falling out of my office window

January 21- Chinese Buffet with the fam for Kirsten's birthday. Involved me telling my sister I needed to go get my buffet pants on.

January 22- Went out to the club with Pete and some of his work friends, stayed up until 4am and said things like: "This is a 5 course gay bar!"

January 23- Amazing sermon at church followed by a lazy lazy Sunday on the sofa

January 24- I might have accidentally gotten caught up at work

January 25- I actually got caught up at work, I also had a dream I got married and moved to a new city...which was weird.

January 26- No kickboxing meant I got to go home and just hang out.

January 27- Family night at Applebees for the girls birthdays. I stuck my fingers in my ears and shouted lalalalalalala while the waiter was trying to talk to me and later hit him. Awkwardsauce for the win!

January 28- Quiet night at home, finished a good book

January 29- Cotsco (toiletries for a year!) and Mario with Sharen and Matthew followed by yummy dinner and Mario Kart and regular Mario with Alexis and Ryan

January 30- Conquered Mario! Well, level 8. Then after all the credits rolled a special new level (9!) opened up. I fell asleep with visions of Bowser and flying duck/turtles dancing in my head.

January 31- I know I say it every time, but Washington Project leadership meetings are ALWAYS my good thing on the days I have them.

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