Behold...the conquerer!

I was so busy kicking Bowsers ass yesterday and then making out with the Princess I forgot to write blogs for this week.

But let's just say, I kicked that Mario games ass and took its name. Conquered level 8 with much squealing and cursing. Watched the credits and tried to pronounce a lot of Japenese names and then lo and behold (except I knew because Alexis and Ryan told me about it when they came over Saturday) level 9 popped up.

Also hilarious....the fact that Pete used 18 lives during the time I used 5. But that's ok. Don't tell him or anything...but I use him as bait for all the little mushrooms, turtle/ducks and other killing things in Mario so I can get through unscathed.

We'll be back with regularly scheduled blog posts Wednesday (since tomorrow is Good Things day).

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