Rounding it Out

Just to round out all the elevator talk from this week I have one last story to tell.

The same day that I woke up after the super ninja team dream I laid in bed thinking about elevators for awhile. I mean, a long time. An embarrassing amount of time.
Ultimately I landed on one obsessively annoying topic.

What television show was the elevator an integral plot point?

(ETA: I tried discussing this with Pete but he was being difficult and stating that integral didn't apply to all of these. So let's just say played a prominent role. Gosh!)

I came up with:

Mad About You
Big Bang Theory
Will and Grace
Murphy Brown
Ally McBeal
Less Than Perfect
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy

I would like to state for the record that I came up with all of those on my own. Pete cheated and googled the following:

Night Court

He's just sad isn't he?

Can you think of any others?

1 comment:

jake said...

I haven't seen all the shows on your list, but good call on "Murphy Brown"!!!