Going to the Chapel

Alright, this may cost me my single and proud of it card but this is to hilarious to not share.
First, an important piece of information...I have a small crush on someone

I went to bed last night and first, had a dream that the Sugarbaker women built the Panama Canal. But that's because I watched a PBS documentary about the building of the Panama Canal and recently watched the 30 Rock where Liz gave the Sugarbaker speech to the writers. 
After I woke up, and tweeted that dream I fell back asleep and the following happened...

 I had a dream that I flirted, then dated, then got engaged to a person of interest to me. In the dream he lived in a city about 4 hours away and I was moving there to join him. In the dream I told my parents I was moving to that city, and they then announced their intent to retire to that city...I fear those things are connected in some way. 
 I also decided to let Pete continue to live in my house and rent it. But the hilarious thing is in my dream I actually worked through the math of how much his rent would be for the whole house etc etc. I mean, I did ACTUAL math while dreaming.

Even more so I actually moved to this new town, and went through most of the process of planning the wedding. I even fought with my "fiance" about what church we would be married in and who we would be married by.

It was quite ridiculous, and hopefully not prophetic (although as I do very much enjoy the town this person lived in in my dream and also as I mentioned earlier I have a small crush on him)

Feel free to shame me now.....


JamesW said...

Beth, you should be ashamed, You know TheBob is a married man!

jake said...

How scandalous!!! I love it!