The Flawed Woman

As I mentioned I'm going to recap, or at least share my thoughts, chapter by chapter of this pretty great book I'm reading. It's called, When a Woman meets Jesus.

The Flawed Woman

Being flawed is really hard for me. I like to pretend that everything is fine and everything is ok, even in the face of insurmountable evidence that it's not.
Here are some quotes from the chapter I really liked:

When the goal is "to be perfect" we can thrash around in our flaws and forger about loving others and sharing our gifts with them. We allow the desire to be perfect to oppress us and keep us in the bondage of self-preoccupation. The focus becomes "me" and the effort becomes "trying to perform perfectly"
- Adrianne Gambucci

[Perfection] is the enemy of women. I am a woman. And I have found this enemy is constantly ready to trip me up, causing me to fall into the abyss of self-loathing as I attempt, often unsuccessfully, to live up to my lofty expectations and those of others.

For days I wept, disappointed in myself. I wasn't perfect anymore. A tough lesson to learn at the age of fifteen- and even tougher lesson if you are forty years old and still comparing yourself to everyone in town. Dissatisfied and unable to enjoy anything you do because it is never quite good enough.

Unfortunately, in the war for perfection, nobody wins. It isn't even a draw. There are just a bunch of losers sitting on the sidelines. Some with their noses in the air, others with their heads hung low. Some feeling "better than," others feeling "less than." No wonder the endless toil for perfection has been called "self-abuse of the highest order."

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