Here's the thing....

If I haven't spoke to you AT ALL, not even social media speaking, in like 5 months then who exactly do you think you are to tell me who you think I am?

Not only that. But what gave you the idea to make a blanket statement about something when it is clear you hadn't read farther back than a few posts? See also: you have my phone number or at least access to people that have it. If you're so concerned than get off the internet and call me or something.

Oh, and also. Maybe you should look at your own house before looking at mine.

Wait, one last thing...I think.
It seems that any fairly coherent person with any modicum of intelligence understands that something you type on the internet is just that. Something you type of the internet.
It's forever.
There is no guarantee that it's even true.
And most importantly it is AT BEST only a small sliver of a portion of that persons daily life.

I get that my frustration with you is way disproportionate to the offense but man it hacked me off.

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James said...

ummm.... I'm sorry?