Memorizing What I've Forgotten

She'll remember.
No she won't, all she'll do is memorize the things she forgot.
On a show I like to watch there is a character with amnesia. No, it's not a soap opera, it's Brothers & Sisters.
But she's been struggling to remember her daughter and things that were true about her life before the accident. Whatever form of amnesia she has it has wiped out the previous few years of memories and some random memories from years before that (I think the medical term for that is "glorified for television amnesia").
After making some progress one day the above quote was an exchange before two other characters.

I of course wrote it down because I had been forgetting a lot lately.
I was forgetting the ways that God had delivered me.
I was forgetting the ways that God showed up and saved me.
I was forgetting all the people God used to write love letters to me so many years ago.

I forgot He was still that same God.

I could have said as much to you. But it would have been this, "yeah yeah, he's the same God" but I would have just been saying it. Because I forgot it.

I had memorized it. I knew it was the right thing to say but I had taken the cheap and lazy way out with my heart and forgot.
Our church is working on integrity of heart right now and it's reminded me even more of what I've forgotten.

I don't want to memorize it anymore. I want to know it and not forget.

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