I've been sick lately. When I'm sick I have to stop. Stop running, stop overbooking, stop paying attention to anything but getting better.

There always comes a point when I'm sick when I wonder exactly when or if I'll ever feel better again. I start staring at things, books, tv and while I'm watching them I'm not taking it in I'm just zoning out (typically with my mouth hanging open and a tissue hanging out of my nose but I digress...).

Naturally then, in a time of not being able to focus or concentrate and wondering if I'll ever feel well again, I try to make major life decisions.
I want to cut my hair. I want to remodel the house, I want to buy new clothes. I start reconsidering major portions of my life and trying to make long term goals and short term plans.

But of course that is the last thing I need to be doing when I'm sick. Thankfully I'm starting to realize that before I give myself a modified mullet and move to Nebraska to breed alpacas.

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Pete said...

we do have that whole side yard, I bet we could put some alpacas over there......just sayin.

Can I name one Fred?