What God Said

I read this at Brandy's blog. I LOVED it and it is the same conversation I've had a million times with God. LOVE.THIS.
“Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the

Those were the words the serpent spoke. The slippery words he whispered in
Eve’s ear.

So she paused.





I don’t judge her. Because every day, Satan whispers those same words in my
ear. Sometimes, the words cause me to slip into sin against others.

But even more often, those slippery words encourage me to forget who I

“Did God really say He loves YOU?”

His words drip with contempt. I pause.

“Did God really say you are BEAUTIFUL?”

Scorn spills from his lips. I wonder.

“Did God really say you are his DAUGHTER?”

Laughter tinges his words. I doubt.

“Did God really say He FORGETS your sin?”

Words that remind me of my filth. I slip.

“Did God really say you can TRUST Him?”

His lies pull me under. I fall.

And I lay there. Holding the forbidden fruit in my shaking hands. Wondering
how I got here, to this place of unbelief and doubt.

But God, in His boundless mercy and grace, has never lost sight of me. And
He answers.

“I love you.”

His words sooth my wounded heart. I listen.

“You are beautiful.”

Honey spills from his lips. I look.

“You are my daughter.”

Joy tinges his words. I believe.

“I’ve removed your sin.”

Words that remind me of my purity. I reach out.

“You can trust me.”

His truth gives me life. I stand.

Did God really say…


He did.

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