Good Things: August

August 1st- Awesome serve with Washington Project and yummy dinner at Acapulco with Mom, Pete and Matthew

August 2nd- Cleaned my house with Mom and Pete's help, it's so clean now!

August 3rd- Fun time playing trivia out at dinner with Sharen, Jeff, Matthew, Pete and Mom. Not so fun, the service.

August 4th- Free lunch at work then dogsitting for 6 days. Ahh, that means Saturday I can sleep in, can my good thing be looking forward to sleeping in?

August 5th- Pete came over to the dogsitting house and we had some Chipotle for dinner. While watching Shark Week he made a ridiculously hilarious comment about a Great White shark that I'm still laughing about. I can't tell you though, because the joke just wasn't right (but still funny!)

August 6th- Grocery shopping with Sharen and more movies at the dogsitting house.

August 7th- Well, I was supposed to get up and do zumba, but I set my alarm for pm instead of am and the doggies let me sleep, so I slept in...then got up, fed the dogs, let them out and took a nap. I love this kind of day. Oh, and new throw pillows from Ikea (that I can't see on my sofa until Monday night)

August 8th- Awesome message at church and heard God speak about healing in a way that I really needed. Great music, Five Guys after church and a mid afternoon nap. Plus, last sleep until I can go home to my own bed!

August 9th- Cut throat Mario competition on old school NES after a brave conversation filled with shaking voices and hands.

August 10th- Went back to the trainer after a long and slothful summer off. It was and wasn't good at the same time....

August 11th- Yummy yummy dinner at Sharen's house followed by crawling into bed and falling asleep by 10pm. So amazing.

August 12th- Straight home from work! Had a Mario 3 tournament with Pete again and made chocolate chip cookie dough for Mr. Jake's birthday (didn't bake them though, to darn hot!)

August 13th- Lunch with a friend, good conversation where I shook while saying scary things. Also, I love the moment in my days now when I realize that this is going to be my good thing for the day.

August 14th- Special day with my niece Shelby, pedicures, Fuji House, Cold Stone and movies on a sofa. Good times!

August 15th- Watching the 1st season of Alias on the sofa while storms bluster outside, good times.

August 16th-Washington Project meeting. We started sharing how we were connecting with God as leaders and what He was showing us. It was awesome to hear how God is moving in our leaders. Also, creating prayer list for our serve next week. So heavy but hopeful at the same time. God is good.

August 17th- What I thought was going to be a giant parade of drama llamas actually turned out to be quite peaceful and calm. Love that!

August 18th- Dinner with Justin & Bobbie, love getting to spend time with them!

August 19th- Made some yummy chicken salad (but not for me, another family). But I'm pretty sure I'm making it for myself in the near future. Also, "wink"

August 20th- Held a 5 day old baby girl, so adorable! Also, wine with friends.

August 21st- Special day with my niece Kirsten, we painted pottery for 2 hours in the morning, I might be addicted and already plotting times to go back.

August 22nd- Prayer serve with Washington Project, great talk by Ben and baptisms. Awesome morning followed by an awesome 2 hour nap!

August 23rd- Hanging out watching Alias with Pete, I love just being at my house.

August 24th- Spontaneous fun night hanging out with Claire. Barnes & Noble, Panera and a random run in with Justin

August 25th- MOCKINGJAY!

August 26th- Started a complete re-read of The Hunger Games, I will probably be done by the 28th. No...seriously.

August 27th- Spontaneous lunch with Pete at Chipotle that involved the phrase, "He's been in and out of the closet so much they had to take the door off" and "I mean she's slept with like 35 boys in the last few months, one of them HAS to be the baby daddy" One of those was overheard and both of them were hilarious.

August 28th- Free Chick-Fil-A sammy with Sharen & Matthew then the rest of the day on the sofa

August 29th- Great read through of Hosea with Claire, homemade pizza and Emmy watching with Pete

August 30th- Didn't feel great today, came home and napped but then roomie made me brownies and bought be dinner, which helped

August 31st- Crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head as soon as I got home. I should have done laundry, I should have cleaned, I should have done a lot of things. But I decided to just check out and it was so lovely.


jake said...

Yeah, my August 31 wasn't so productive either. Long, hot day at work translated into come home, feed dogs, float in pool for two hours. I also may have taken an unintentional nap while outside.

Crappy day. Great evening.

Miss you!

Melissa said...

great list! re-watching alias has been on my mind, lately. i might be netflixing that this weekend, now! ;)

Kari said...

It sounds like you and Pete are having more fun than should be legal. hehe.