Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets

I swear, I'm trying to read the books slower this time around.
As I mentioned before I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series in preparation for the Deathly Hollows movie that's coming out this fall.
I just finished the 2nd book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and it is again so much better than I remembered it to be.
It was so much fun seeing Ginny's character begin to interact with Harry and to see the relationships between Harry, Ron and Hermione deepen.

But as I finished it today I was struck by several things that Tom Riddle (Voldemort) said in the Chamber of Secrets. Specifically:

If I say it myself, Harry, I've always been able to charm the people I needed.
So Ginny poured out her soul to me, and her soul happened to be exactly what I
wanted....I grew stronger and stronger on a diet of her deepest fears, her
darkest secrets. I grew powerful, far more powerful than little Miss Weasley.
Powerful enough to start feeding Miss Weasley a few of my secrets, to
start pouring a little of my soul back into her.
I thought about the things I've been afraid of and all the things I've kept secret. I thought about all the random people I've shared them with and all their different reactions. Some told me to "just figure it out and get over it" others coddled me and encouraged the fear and secrecy and still others had grand intentions but life gets in the way and they slowly disappeared from my life.

But sometimes I think that I pour to (too? MT I just don't know!) much out. In the hopes of pleasing other people and wanting so much for them to like me and want me around I think I vomit the contents of my heart out so far that I don't guard it against anything.
Just thoughts pinging around thanks to Harry Potter.

On a completely unrelated note (well, semi related really) Adrienne posted this on a forum and I have been swooning ever since.
Ladies (and gentlemen of a certain persuasion) I present to you Neville Longbottom all grown up! (Rawr!)