Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone

I read the Harry Potter series for the first time last summer. I had initially refused to read it because it was popular and well....I can be quite contrary when I put my mind to it.
I LOVED the series.
I especially loved that all 7 books were released and I could read them boom boom boom. But then the problem was that I read them boom boom boom. I mean I read 7 books, some of which were quite thick in a month and a half.

So I decided to start buying the books (I read them from the library) at used book stores and have 1,2,3 and 7. I want to re-read the entire series before November when the 1st part of the 7th book comes out. (I just got chills thinking about the movie, I'm a nerd)
I'm excited to re-read so I can read it slower and savor the books more. Last time it was like a sprint reading them, and this time I want to read them like a marathon. (Yes, that was a sports reference, why do you ask?)

I just finished Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone and there were so many more details in it then I remembered the first time through. It might be my feeble brain, but it also might be the speed reader in me missing things (and yes I do have a picture of myself under a banner that says speed reader of the year hanging in the library back home. Just ask Stephanie).
I love the way the relationship was so contentious between Hermione and Ron and Harry at first. The movie doesn't make it seem so bad when the book has them at each others throats.
I also loved reading the books since watching the movie. Especially Snape's character Alan Rickman. I loved picturing Rickman as I read the scenes with Snape.

One of my favorite threads in the book is when Harry find the Mirror of Erised. It's a mirror that gives you the deepest longings of your heart. When a completely secure and at peace person looks into the mirror they will see only themselves. Ron explains to Harry in the book that men have wasted away and died staring into the mirror because they couldn't pull themselves away from it to even eat. It's just so poignant an explanation and every time it reminds me how easily I can get lost in this ideal of how my heart wishes things could be and how I run the risk of wasting away staring after something that isn't even real.

I am really looking forward to re-reading this series and seeing the little things I missed and picking up plot lines that I know will lead into the Deathly Hallows.

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