I was once attacked by wild dogs

When I was growing up it seemed like we spent a lot of time hanging out at my mom's parents farm in Old Fort Ohio. My sister and our three boy cousins (the only cousins on my moms side) decided to go out and play one day. I had previously been warned that there were wild dogs roaming their property, and that they had a particular fondness for the youngest girl child in any human family. I was told by my grandparents not to wander more than 11 feet from the house alone, or I would be attacked, killed, and eaten by these wild dogs. (No seriously, I was told that.) But I wasn't alone, I had Sharen and the boys with me, so I would be ok.
The 4 of us decided to walk down the farm lane to where my dad was chopping wood for the wood burning stove at our house. I was just excited because they let me hang out with them without being made to stand against the barn while they tried to hit me with dodge balls!

It was a bright and sunny day, it had to be the fall because the corn was so tall.
After meandering down the lane to my dad we hung out and talked for a little while. This may have been the time I got my foot stuck in a woodchuck hole and almost bitten off, but I'm not sure that actually happened either.
It was starting to get late, close to supper time, so we started back down the lane. Dad said he'd be in shortly. On the way back the corn rustled a lot and I looked over just in time to see a pack of wild dogs leap out at us.
We all took off running, but I kept falling behind. One of my cousins turned around and snagged me out of the snapping jaws of the meanest looking dog. He slung me over his shoulder and we all raced up onto the porch and into the sun porch just as the dogs jumped in for the kill. My grandparents were in the sun porch and we told them all about what just happened.
I knew then and there that my grandparents were telling the truth, I should never wander more than 11 feet from the house alone. I would surely be killed.

Years later, I was probably 16 because I had driven myself there, I was sitting with my grandparents and reminiscing about time spent on the farm when I was a little girl. I said, "remember that time Sharen, the boys and I were attacked by the wild dogs?". They said, "No" I told them the story above and reminded them they were on the sun porch and we told you all about it. "Boy Cousin A saved me!" I cried.
They told me it never happened, that the wild dogs never came that close to the house and we were certainly never attacked by them. Mom's mom said the only time a dog attacked someone was back by the pond when Mom's dad was back there with fish out. The dog was after the fish, not the person.
A few holidays after this the grandparents moved in with mom's sister. The boy cousins, Sharen and I were all sitting in their coat room eating dinner and I asked boy cousin A about it. I told the whole story and they just laughed, they said that never happened.

Apparently, it was all just a dream. How very Dorothy Gale of me.

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Pete said...

I believe you. :)