Good Things: May

May 1 Secret crazy pants conversations with friends that I love

May 2 Come with me to the bathroom I have to take a picture

May 3 Adventures in alcohol shopping

May 4 Cocktail swap party. Where do I live,  TO FRUIT!

May 5 Lazy movie day on a sofa

May 6 I'd rather be twirling my hair than any of the things from today

May 7 So many new hires to train, at least the 10 hour days fly by?

May 8 Drinks with Amy and snuggles with Matthew

May 9 Hitting 40 hours by Thursday is no good thing. But OT is

May 10 Sad Cat Diary

May 11 Iron Man 3 and cake

May 12 Happy Birthday Sharen!

May 13 Misty's Wal-Mart Story

May 14 Breakfast for dinner

May 15 Therapy is HARD but I love my therapist

May 16 The day after a topless painting of Bea Arthur sold is always a good day

May 17 Whoops! Drinks with Stacey turns into accident drunk and some fun shenanigans.

May 18 Trim is hung in my house! Shenangans with Amber after leaving the MOST DEPRESING MUSICAL at intermission. "I know you're fine, but do you want more water?"

May 19 Pool's Up!

May 20 Mario Karting is still the best thing ever

May 21 Should have been new front door day, but the door was defective. Whomp Whomp. But I got to take a nap in the pool, so that's awesome!

May 22 Dinner with Alexis. Love that we will both stop mid sentence and stare open mouthed at people talking around us at the same time.

May 23 Looooong Day at work, with some Mario after

May 24 Meetings so short your computer doesn't even fall asleep!

May 25 Lazy day with Pete and Stacey

May 26 Double Feature Day! Star Trek was SO good with Sharen, Pete, Stacey, Amber and Darren

May 27 Swimming!

May 28 Swimming some more! Dinner on the patio!

May 29 Swimming AGAIN after a long day at work

May 30 Watermelon Sangria and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at Max & Erma's family night

May 31 I was on the radio!

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