Good Things: August

August 1 How I Met Your Mother on dvd before bed

August 2 Nice plumber came out, Pete said I gushed about him, I probably did

August 3 Nice therapy appointment and early bedtime

August 4 I waited to long to start this list, and can't remember today...

August 5 I like free dentist appointments when I can mock the Jersey Shore with my dentist

August 6 Costco! Swimming! Harry Potter Scene It! (Duck A Heart G Hood)

August 7 Awesome message at church today, got me thinking. A lot.

August 8 Home and just about straight into bed after a loooooong day at work

August 9 Snuggling on the couch with Matthew while he told me his ideas on how to remodel my kitchen

August 10 11 hour day at work, but lots of giggles and tension jokes all along

August 11 Fun time dreaming about outreach with church

August 12 Global Leadership Summit

August 13 Nicole's here! Swimming and general merriment

August 14 A funny thing happened in the parking lot of church with Nicole. But I've been sworn to silence so I can't tell you. It makes me feel bad for you.

August 15 Dry wall guys came and an exciting vision meeting for church

August 16 Girlfriends Night Out! We had Mexican, mmmmmm....mexican

August 17 Hey, today I found out I still had a roommate after not seeing him for almost 3 days straight!

August 18 Vision meeting at our church's new building. LOVE my church LOVE

August 19 Bought a bunch of tile for the kitchen, is this renovation over yet?

August 20 Super productive morning at work, pool time and The Dip!

August 21 Judy and Dean went to 3 very very different open houses

August 22 More awkward, more oh so awkward awkwardness at work today

August 23 Snuggling with a 2nd grader before bedtime

August 24 Josh Garrels album all day long

August 25 The Dip to celebrate the first week of school

August 26 Bought 11 gallons of paint at Home Depot, the painting weekend is upon us!

August 27 So thankful for my parents and new friends that came and helped paint. It made me feel very cared for that they came.

August 28 Amazing sermon at church today followed by buying 3 cute stools for the new breakfast bar that will be installed soonish.
August 29 Good talk with a good friend
August 30 Coming home to a painted and getting put back together living room makes me happy.

August 31 Cabinets are going in!

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