P double O L

Soooo..........I may or may not have bought a pool.

Ok, I did.
Gosh! Drag it out of me why don't you!
Last weekend Pete and I went to Cleveland to see Jake and Cody. They have a smallish pool that is the perfect size for drifting around on rafts.
I had a pool in my back yard growing up and while I always feel like I'm missing the water I didn't quite feel it as acutely as I did when floating on a raft for hours at a time this past weekend.

Then I saw that the pool was on sale at Big Lots for $69.
Then I realized we could shimmy the shed over to the side of the side patio and not have to create a big dirt circle in my yard again.
Then I realized that I would be working extra hard on house projects and would LOVE to have a pool to recuperate in.
Then I realized I'm almost 32 and can do what I damn well please and so I called Pete to meet me at Big Lots and I bought the pool.

Then I had to go to another Big Lots and buy a 2nd pool. (His and Hers pools!). Ok, so the first one had no pump or filter and the 1st Big Lots didn't have anymore so I'll be returning the 1st one and keeping the 2nd one...but I digress.

I'm sort of having a love/hate relationship with the pool right now, but Pete pointed out last night that as soon as it's up and I can float on my raft in the pool I'll drop the hate and only love it.

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