Good Things: June

June 1 The contractor wasn't done with the bathroom yet so I got an unexpected night of doing nothing at home

June 2 C to the razy customer at work that I got to tell him to move on with his life, that was fun

June 3 Beer and ice cream at family night

June 4 Fun day spent mostly outside in the sun at the zoo and the pool

June 5 Power washing the back fence, pretended it was a machine gun and I was mowing down the enemy (whoever that is)

June 6 Had a blast at a friends daughters graduation party. Yummy food and my face hurt from laughing so much.

June 7 Hair appointment cancelled, but the sarcastically good news means I got to power wash for longer tonight!

June 8 Good therapy session tonight, apparently I'm making big strides!

June 9 Left work early but the reason I was leaving was cancelled so I took a nap instead

June 10 Rolo Mc Flurry!
June 11 Bright red hair!

June 12 Took an unplanned nap sprawled out on the patio (until Pete scared the crap out of me at least)

June 13 Told the leadership team that I'm stepping down from Washington Project. It felt good to get it out in the open, I suck at keeping things under wraps

June 14 Painted the bathroom bright (no really BRIGHT) yellow

June 15 Had a revelation today that made me smile like a chump for about an hour. The repercussions are....interesting to think about.

June 16 Dog sitting means never having to say you're sorry for not doing anything productive in the evenings

June 17 Leisurely morning at the dog sitting house since I didn't work until 10

June 18 Sleeping in!

June 19 Finished Alice, I Have Been and took a nice nap on the sofa

June 20 Alias with the roomie (for the first time in 3 months!) We're almost done with season 4!

June 21 Girlfriends Night Out at Uno's!

June 22 Nice respite therapy session

June 23 I came home from work and SCREAMED and SCREAMED at Pete about work stuff. Then he made me dinner and let me stew on the sofa while we watched Alias

June 24  Alias with Pete

June 25 Happy Birthday, Laine! I love you! (also, Homearama, and picking out kitchen cabinets)

June 26 Dinner at PF Changs for Alexis' birthday Love talking to her about life and how God is moving

June 27 The word flawless was used in the same sentence as my name. So naturally I giggled and blushed. Hearing nice things said about me is really hard, especially since I'm trying to not convince people they're untrue anymore.

June 28 First official Girlfriends Night Out Small Group, yummy food and THIRTEEN ladies connecting and building relationships

June 29 Dreaming and praying about outreach at Four Corners with some ladies that are leading the next iteration of Washington Project.

June 30 Going to Cleveland to see Jake and Cody Eve!

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