Good Things: March

March 1 Fun meeting learning about Washington Project partnering with 50 area churches to serve the city of Cincinnati

March 2 Hanging with Sharen, Matthew and Pete at home. Much Mario was played and giggling was done

March 3 Good therapy session and good review of therapy sessions with Pete and Nicole

March 4 Mystery Science Theater 3000 and going to sleep without setting an alarm

March 5 Impromptu afternoon and evening of fun with roomie at the Home & Garden show and Newport Kentucky

March 6 I finally painted the closet doors

March 7 Stayed home sick today and ate a ridiculous amount of taco dip to try to clear my sinuses. Also, rallied for the Washington Project leadership meeting

March 8 Found out I could go on a last minute trip to a leadership conference for almost free!

March 9 Roadtrip to Anderson, South Carolina with some church folk. Had some goooooooood bbq on the way

March 10 Unleash conference with a bunch of friends, great great stuff followed by giggling and candy cigarettes on the way home

March 11 Scheduled the first FREE family portrait for our Washington Project 3/27. So excited to tell that mom "No, really. It's completely free. We just want to serve your family this way for free." SO AWESOME

March 12 My So Called Life on Netflix, I felt all angsty and wanted to color my hair red

March 13 I am officially in love with the sofa at this dog sitting house. Deep and cushy and soooooo snuggly

March 14 I love Bethenny Frankel (and Bethenny Ever After) I just do ok.

March 15 Dinner and hanging out on the BEST.SOFA.EVER with roomie

March 16 Lunch with Mandy from :insertfreightcompanynamehere:! She's my favorite!

March 17 Great meeing with Ben about things to come with outreach and great therapy session. Then I went home and went to bed at 830pm

March 18 Hellllllooooooo tax refund!

March 19 Spent a healthy chunk of my tax refund on clothes (which was desperately needed) and yummy dinner at Fuji House with the fam

March 20 Wonderful morning with Washington Project and yummy lunch with Pete after at Smashburger

March 21 Hectic day at work and early bedtime

March 22 Ate lunch outside with sunglasses on, it made me very very happy!

March 23 Only 2 more sleeps until I can sleep in my own bed without 3 smelly farting dogs again!

March 24 Had a hilariously awkward conersation with a married friend about why it's not appropriate for me to go to his house when his wife (and no one else) is there. Poor fella was clueless.

March 25 Jake and Cody are here!

March 26 Yummmmmmy milkshake and a cute owl necklace

March 27 My closets doors are hung and my super cute doorknobs installed. They look great despite being two different doors (even though the boxes said they were the same, ugh!)

March 28 I am seriously so excited to have slept in my own bed for the last few nights, it makes such a difference.

March 29 Today was Tuesday, but it was also my Friday for the week. Huzzah!

March 30 Great Wolf Lodge for a family staycation. I LOVE being in water (but not so much the bathing suit)

March 31 Happy Birthday Mom! I'm so excited about your birthday gift!

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