A few weeks ago Sharen and I threw our parents a joint surprise 60th birthday party.
But the trick was, we told both of them that the party was for the other parent.

Mom told Dad she was having a purse party in order to get him out of the house.
Sharen and I told Dad that we were surprising mom with a cake at the end of the party so could he come home at 530 for that. Besides, it WAS the truth.

Nicole and her mom made 2 cakes and while Dad's was loaded in the house before he got there we had Mom and Dad by the door and had Marie bring in hers.

All went well, except dad came home early. We all hid in the kitchen while dad awkwardly talked to a few guests in the driveway and then wandered around the back of the house. He decided to "sneak" out to see if mom's purse party was almost done. When he did, we yelled, "SURPRISE!"
He recoiled, slapped his hand to his chest and yelled, "Not for MEEEEE!"

To which mom yelled, "FOR YOU!"

It was my favorite part of the party.
After dad and mom made the rounds a little Marie fetched Mom's cake from the car. Mom and Dad were by the door and I said here comes the cake!
Mom had forgotten in all the excitement that Dad's cake was already in the house.
When she saw her name on the cake we all yelled, "SURPRISE!" at her. Then I thanked her for working so hard to plan her own party. It was a riot.

Later their friend Andrew juggled some fire and I chatted with a guy about Washington Project and there was a massive clean up effort followed by hot tub time.

It was a lot of fun, but I slept really really well that night.

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That is awesome!!!