Good Things: February

February 1- Home after work and snuggling down under the covers for an early bedtime

February 2- Nice lunch with a nice friend

February 3- Cancelled cable!

February 4- Picked up Mark Twain's autobiography at the library on my lunch break!

February 5- Relaxing day at the dogsitting house, their sofa is comfy

February 6-Interesting morning at church and good digesting conversations after

February 7- A book I've been waiting for finally came in the mail. I was prepared to read it in one sitting, but....it was to heavy to plow through. I kept nodding along and mumbling "totally. YES. This!" along with it.

February 8- Yummy dinner with wine and Pete at the dogsitting house, then an amazing moment on The Biggest Loser that made me cry

February 9- Dinner with Bobbie and Justin

February 10- Finally remembered to transfer Mumford & Sons to my iPod

February 11- Today was made possible by the AMAZING album by Mumford & Sons. AMAZING

February 12-Played with pictures with my sister all day and clean sheet night!

February 13- Hooked up antennas to the 2 newest TVs in the house and found almost 30 FREE channels! Thank you savings of almost $85 per month!

February 14- The Kings Speech with some ladies from church.

February 15-First therapy session. Good. Hard, but good.

February 16-Wiped after being so transparent yesterday. I made it through the day. I also made one very brave choice today that I'm not sure I'm brave enough to follow through with.

February 17- Still a little wiped, feeling very exposed and over stimulated...just happy to crawl into bed tonight

February 18- Dinner with a friend clearing the air and finding our giggles again

February 19- Double surprise party for mom and dad. Lots of work but lots of fun

February 20- Relaxing morning at mom and dad's, home to watch some SNL recaps with roomie

February 21- Tater Tots for dinner, Cosby Show and She-Ra on the Wii. It was like the late 80s (with the exception of the Wii of course) all over again!

February 22- Veggie Pizza for dinner was delicious!

February 23- Made it to the gym this morning, first time in over a week

February 24- Family night! (and I might have laughed a few times at Glee, but don't tell anyone)

February 25- Church stuff = fun and exciting Also, geeky double entendres at small group after

February 26- Errands with seeester and clean sheet night

February 27- Good chat with my sister while Costco-ing and eating cheap food. Also, tweeting the Oscars. (My at home snarky comments are 36% less funny without a witness)

February 28- Goooooooood nap after work


Kari said...

I would like to know your thoughts on the Ann Voskamp book. She plays MUSIC ON HER BLOG, which makes me stabby.

ellenjane said...

I'm only a little way into it. It's really good, a little flowery for my taste but good enough to keep pushing through.

I don't read her blog, it makes me stabby too. But I read some exerpts at in(courage) (which I only read in my reader because their site makes me stabby too!) and liked it enough to buy it.

Kari said...

Yes to everything you said about flowery prose and stabby Dayspring sites. Let's be friends.