Amazing, because it is

I've been thinking a lot about sustainability lately. Not like, save the Earth sustainability but sustainability of leadership and vision.
I had a conversation with Cody the other day about leadership at their church and some of the awesome things about it and some of the slightly less awesome things about it.
I've also been thinking a lot about Washington Project and continuing to keep the goal and vision of WP and its purpose in the forefront. Ben and Greg have been talking a lot about the purpose of our church and the whole staff has been awesome about focusing the churches energy and attention towards the main goal and vision.

But then tonight I watched Secret Millionaire and one of the women that ran an organization the secret millionaire ended up giving money to said, "It doesn't feel amazing day to day"

Because that's sometimes where I lose my momentum.
I was talking to someone the other day and I was going through the whys and whats of Washington Project and it struck me that it had been a shamefully long time since I articulated that for people or even myself.

I'm a doer. I can get lost in tasks and getting things done. It's what jazzes me. But I need to keep reminding myself that the task means nothing if the message of Jesus isn't clear. If the fact that we're wanting to tangibly show people that Jesus loves them and they are not invisible to him is lost in the chaos of planning and executing the plan.

What we get to do each week through Four Corners and Washington Project is amazing. It's amazing that we were saved by this God that loved us so much that Jesus DIED for us. It's amazing that we are loved by a God that cares so deeply about us even when we were lost and completely falling apart hot messes He reached in and rescued us.
But it doesn't feel amazing day to day. Some days it's messy and complicated and full of relational complications.

I'm not sure how to tie this up in a bow today. The WP leadership team is reading a book together about not losing sight of the amazing in the day to day tasks and I'm frankly chatting with God a lot about it.
Because as I'm finding with almost every aspect of leadership learning to remember the amazing things about WP and leading is also helping me remember and focus on the amazing things about my sweet little life.

What are the amazing things you forget about your life and circles of influence?

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