10 Things: I Never Thought I'd Say

I'm dogsitting and have been for the last 10 days (and still have 3 days to go). I've uttered a lot of things I never thought I'd say. Most of them involved humping and butt functions. I apologize in advance.
  1. There is a dead bird in the house!
  2. Why are you peeing on my purse?!
  3. Toby, quit humping your brother!
  4. Sophie, quit humping the carpet
  5. Cooper, stop biting your brothers neck. He'll go outside when he's good and ready
  6. I herd you! I herd you!
  7. I discovered the source of the mysterious poop smell. Unsurprisingly, it was poop.
  8. Give me my bra back, Cooper. It's not a chew toy!
  9. If you're going to fart could you not sit with your butt right by my mouth?
  10. Guys! Brothers don't hump! C'mon!

1 comment:

jake said...

Welcome to my nightmare!!!

I'm laughing my ass off at you!