There's been a pretty huge news story in Cincinnati for the last several years. This guy has been on trial 3 times for the death of his wife. I don't know much about the trials. I think the first two juries were hung and the third jury found him guilty of murder yesterday.
I cried.
Not because I knew anything about the trial. Not because I have a strong opinion about the case or the justice system in general. But because I just felt how broken the world is right now at this very moment.

Because this woman is still dead. The families are torn apart and devastated and that my friends is a fact that won't ever change. Does it bring solace to the family that what they perceive (and may actually be...I don't know) to be justice has been served? Do they miss her less?
I would say no.

I was wound up tight about my first appointment with the therapist and I was wound up tighter about other scary things happening but I still was just so devastated at how broken and imperfect this world is; how I longed for Heaven.

I don't have any answers. But I know that I am guilty too. Not of murder. But of causing devastation and of breaking relationships apart; I'm guilty of jealousy and anger and all sorts of other things and I long for Heaven.

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