Good Things: December

December 1st- Day 3 of nothing to do after work, can a girl take all this down time?

December 2nd- Happy Birthday Dad!

December 3rd- Work party, a lot of laughing, good food, and open bar.

December 4th- HP7 for the 3rd (and probably final in the theater) time then decorating the house for Christmas

December 5th- Lazy laundry Sunday and a 2 hour nap

December 6th- Crazy hectic day at work but had fun hanging out with roomie and Matthew at Golden Corral (where it's ok to eat when it's NOT Thanksgiving)

December 7th- Hurt my back today, but got to spend some quality time with my best friend the chiro table

December 8th- Thanks to automatic online notifications I was able to save $70. See also cranky and tired so I pouted on the couch while roomie made dinner (and cleaned up!)

December 9th- Anything that could go wrong did this morning, but people offered to lend me gas money so that was wonderful

December 10th- Clean sheet night followed by no alarm clock Saturday!

December 11th- After briefly waking up at 630 I fell back asleep until 1130 and stayed on the sofa until 5pm. Lovely day followed by XBox 360 Kinect with some friends

December 12th- Kicked Pete's ass in Monopoly. It was literally the best Monopoly game I've ever played. I ended up owning every single thing on the board. No...really.

December 13th- In an unsurprising turn of events instead of being productive after work I fell asleep on the sofa at 7pm and then got up and went to bed for the night at 9.

December 14th- Roomie made a ridiculously delicious dinner, Skip-Bo and Toy Story 3

December 15th- Snowpocalypse! Yet it only took me 15 minutes longer to get to work. Go figure.

December 16th- Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

December 17th- Costco with Sharen and Matthew, it was surprisingly empty and slow for the Friday before Christmas

December 18th- I shopped for like 6 hours today, but I'm DONE shopping until well after the holidays! Also, old movies in bed most of the night

December 19th- Finally rearranged the 2nd bedroom, I'm not sure if I'm happy with it but time will tell.

December 20th- Made almost 10 dozen cookies, emptied, reloaded, washed, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, washed and dried towels and clothes (and folded the clothes!) and wrapped the rest of the Christmas gifts I had at my house. It was the most productive night I've had in a LONG time

December 21st- Marathon cleaning at Sharen's house getting it ready for Christmas and teaching a certain 6 year old nephew to write things in the snow with his "special yellow paint"

December 22nd- Sharen's living room finally got completely put back together and is ready for Christmas Day! I admit I was doubtful it would happen in time :)

December 23rd- Christmas Eve Eve services at church. I love me some candle light service singing

December 24th- Fun night playing games and laughing with the family, I was exhausted and slept super well too

December 25th- I got a freakin Wii! I also may have played it for like 8 hours. Maybe.

December 26th- I bought drapes for my bedroom and played about 9 hours of Wii

December 27th- Bought the rest of my drapes and played MORE Wii

December 28th- New phone! Droid, which I'm still learning to use. Hoping the battery life of this one is MUCH better than the Storm.

December 29th- Two words: Angry Birds

December 30th- 1/2 day at work, last day of the year to work

December 31st- Nicole came to play!

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