Giggle Cereal

Last weekend I was scrolling through the IFC channel looking for a new show set in Portland that's starting soon. I had clicked on the channel and it was playing in a little square while I flipped.

As I was half watching while scrolling I started thinking about how the show looked familiar. So I watched a few minutes until I realized, with a jolt of panic and horror, that I knew what the movie was.
It's called The Gate
You will have to google the trailer, because I can't even link the trailer because I'm kind of a baby.
But I digress.

The point is, for years I've been trying to find this b-horror movie that I watched back in the early 90's. It scared the crap out of me, but I was SURE it existed. All I knew is it was about a brother and sister, home alone, when a gate to hell opened up and swallowed their house. I also had a clear image of a demon rising out of a pit in the middle of the living room to try and swallow the brother. (I know, creepy right!?)

But, guys, it was The Gate! I didn't make it up!
Nor did I watch it, because I would like to be able to sleep in 2011.

However, I was about 75% sure I had made it up. Because, it wouldn't be the first time I completely made up a product and believed it was real.
When I was a teenager I swear to you I saw a commercial for Giggle Cereal.
I STILL can see the actors in the commercial and the design of the box of the cereal.
An elementary school teacher had to step out of her classroom to speak to someone and while in the hallway kept hearing a ruckus in her room. When she walked back in the room the kids were all rolling around laughing and laughing and laughing.
The teacher giggled a little and said, "What did you all eat for breakfast?!
The kids replied in unison, "GIGGLE CEREAL!"

But I have never been able to prove the cereal (or marketing campaign) ever existed.
It wasn't the first time I believed a dream to be fact, but hopefully it's one of the last.

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