10 Things: That Happened Last Weekend

  1. I cleaned the litter boxes finally. Then as I was carrying the bag filled with aromatic cat feces through the garage the bag snagged on the door hardware....and spilled.....in a giant puddle. It was disgusting and I just pretty much threw the broom and dust pan away when I was done cleaning up cat feces for the 2nd time.
  2. Pete and I were finally able to solve the overflowing liquor and cookbook cabinets dilemma of 2010. Ironically enough it just involved switching the two locations with each other and drinking a bit in the afternoon.
  3. I put on makeup and went to a club with Pete and some work friends. Here are some things that were said in the course of the night:
    1. What should I wear? I don't want to waste good boobs at a gay bar...
    2. Shut the door we're practicing philanthropy
    3. It's like a 5 course gay club
    4. Do I have to show you EVERYTHING?
    5. I get everything, but the breasts still really confuse me.
    6. That guy takes every step as if it's on a runway
    7. Don't lick my phone!
    8. That one strap is working really hard right now
    9. That is the most epic white fur coat worn by a man I've ever seen
    10. Pete, you not only made an illegal left turn you did it on a RED light!
  4. In pursuit of the bathrooms at the bar a young man told me to sit in the big cozy chair by him because it was a free city. I told him I had to pee and he probably didn't want me to pee in the chair no matter how free the city is.
  5. I was taken aback by a Ce Ce Peniston marathon at the bar
  6. Pop Up Video played at the bar for one Whitney Houston video. It was like giving a thimble of water to a dying woman in the desert of boring routine videos
  7. I didn't have a drop to drink at the bar. When I was driving Pete's friend Delainna home I skidded on some slush on a downward hill and almost pee'd my pants a little.
  8. After dropping off Delainna, Pete and I went in search of a Waffle House. After one crazy, crowded and super noisy one we found another that was much calmer. Super delicious breakfast at 3am.
  9. I didn't fall asleep until 4am. I was remarkably awake. It was like 2001.
  10. Made it up for 2nd service at church for an awesome sermon and then spent the afternoon lazing about on the sofa.
This weekend and I are besties. It was a lot of fun.

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